Distribution Services

At MBR, we are so much more than just a distributor for Ebco's unique catalog of rubber products – We offer a full range of value-added services!  It is our personal goal that we will meet or exceed each of our customer’s expectations, with our attention to detail and commitment to excellence.  We go the extra mile to help your company succeed while adding convenience for your organization.

Here are some exclusive areas we cover in our full service manufacturing:

Custom Quantities

Why purchase an entire set box, when you only need one piece? At MBR Distributors, order only what is needed, with no minimum quantities required! 
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Custom Kitting

Want to save time and money? Reduce time for parts processing and your assembly line’s downtime with our kitting services. Save money by reducing handling, motion time by your operators and machine downtime.
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Vendor Consolidation

It can be overwhelming managing dozens to hundreds of vendors within your organization.  Let us handle your vendor consolidation.  We will help you improve production, save money and build profitable vendor relationships!
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Custom Barcoding

We offer complimentary barcoding on all our products, stock and custom orders.  Just one of the many services we offer to personalize your brand!
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“Just In Time” Releases

Sometimes we run tight on time, and need a part quicker than the normal lead-time.  Customers who join our “Just In Time” program, are guaranteed stocking on a needed product with fast shipping.
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Engineering Solutions

Got an application that needs a more in-depth and full-scale analysis?  Our engineering experts can help with your product selection based on the needs of your application.  Pricing is determined on a job-by-job basis.
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