Kitting Packaging

Whether the number of items to your application consists of three or fifty different parts, it can be very inefficient to separately list each individual part, especially when ordering the same parts frequently. How convenient would it be if your assembly team/installation workers have all the components needed for an installation/assembly in one container?  Through our kitting packaging service, MBR can assemble individual components together (as a kit) and distribute it to the point of use. 

The kits we put together are made with the utmost quality and attention to detail.  All kits are custom-built with the required components specific to your application. The kitting packaging services include sub-assemblies, custom labeling, build sheets, special packaging or any other unique requests specific to your needs.  A few unique kitting packaging examples that we have completed for previous customers include:    

Kits Parts:

-  Multiple Pads for the Manufacturing Industry.

-  A Plateform Mount with the Nut & Bolt for the Industrial Industry. 

Benefits of Kitting Packaging at MBR Distributors:

-  Having all the necessary components, when and where you need them.

-  Improving the utilization of your workforce.  Cut a significant amount of your team’s time in processing the parts.

-  Reduce a significant amount of downtime for the assembly line.

-  Reduce the motion time by operators along with the machine downtime due to the availability of parts.

-  Improved quality before production even starts.

-  Reduction in your inventory dollars.

Interested in significantly reducing your lead times?  We also offer an exclusive vendor managed inventory (VMI) relationship, stocking kits, through our Just-In-Time program so that you never have to wait!  Learn More >