Frequently Asked Questions

→ Are your parts RoHS, REACH, & Conflict Minerals compliant?

Yes, all Ebco parts are RoHS and REACH compliant.

All of the parts are also manufactured free of any Conflict Minerals (Tantalum, Tin, Gold, and Tungsten).

→ Is MBR Distributors ISO Certified?

MBR Distributors is certified to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.  Additionally,  Ebco, Inc., the manufacturer of the products, is certified to both standards. 

→ Are you able to make and use barcode labels?

Yes, we are able to make and use barcode labels that can be placed on the box for your convenience. We can tailor the barcode to fit the necessary requirements, such as, PO, Part Number, Quantity, etc. 

→ What do I do if my package arrives damaged?

We ask that you do not throw the damaged box or packaging away. Take pictures of the damaged parcel, and please count the parts to determine if any pieces are missing. Please then contact us directly, and we will walk you through the next steps.

→ Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. We would require you to provdie your specific carrier and pay for any VAT/Duties, and we would provide the accompanying documentation for customs clearance.

→ Are you able to drop ship directly to our customer?

Yes, we are able to process drop shipments. We ask that you specify on your purchase order the ship to address and if it is a drop shipment.

→ What if I do not have a UPS or Fed Ex Account Number?

MBR Distributors has great rates with UPS. We can pre-pay the shipping costs and add it to your invoice.

→ Can I ship with my UPS or Fed Ex Account Number?

Yes, you can provide your UPS or Fed Ex Account Number, and we will bill the shipping to that number when we set the pick up.

→ Do you offer free shipping?

We do not offer free shipping. We are able to ship with the carrier of your choosing against your account number.

→ What are your shipping days and hours?

We ship Monday through Friday, 7:30am until 4:00pm.

→ Can I call to provide my Credit Card Information?

There are 2 ways we can handle Credit Card Transactions:

  • MBR Distributors has a standard form that we can email to you. You would complete the form and email it back to us, indicating if you would like us to keep it on file for future orders.
  • You may also call and provide us your Credit Card information over the phone, if you would prefer not to send that information over email.
→ Do you charge an additional fee for using a Credit Card?

No, we do not charge an additional fee for payments made via Credit Card.

→ Can I pay using a Credit Card?

Yes, payments may be made via Visa or Mastercard.

→ Are you able to provide Material Certifications or Certificates of Conformance?

We are able to provide these certificates with basic information regarding the purchased part with your order. However, if more information is required, we will provide a quote based on your specifications.

→ Can you process Kanban or JIT (Just-In-Time) releases?

In order to have Kanban or JIT releases, we will need either a blanket PO or a safety stock agreement to keep our parts in inventory. Once we have either of these options, we can happily accommodate Kanban or JIT releases.  The lead time for the first release will remain 12-14 weeks.

→ Can parts be purchased in any quantity?

Parts may be purchased in any quantity. However, with larger quantities, we may be able to offer price breaks.

→ What is the lead time to get parts?

Our typical lead time from the time of order to shipping the parts to you is approximately 12-14 weeks for production quantities. However, if we have parts in stock or in transit, this may be significantly reduced. Please contact us directly to see if the part is in stock.

→ Is MBR Distributors the manufacturer? Why does the part say "Ebco"?

Ebco, Inc. is the manufacturer of all the parts that we sell. MBR Distributors is Ebco's exclusive distributor and is better set up to handle lower volume requests.

→ Do you provide the associated washers or assembly kits for the parts?

Unfortunately, neither MBR Distributors nor Ebco provide the washers or assembly kits for our parts.

→ Are you able to make custom parts?

Yes, we are able to make custom rubber products.

Please contact us directly at 224-238-5230 to inquire about a custom part.

Once we have the necessary information and a drawing, we will then be able to provide an accurate quote.

→ Can I return parts if they did not work for my application?

Unfortunately, if the part did not work for your application and is free from defects, you may not return the parts. You may only return parts if there is a defect preventing them from performing correctly and you have a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) issued by MBR Distributors. If you experience any defects, please contact us directly, and we will discuss the next steps.

→ Are you able to help me find a part to fit my application?

Yes, please call us at 224-238-5230 to inquire about which part might fit your application.

→ Can any consumer purchase parts from MBR Distributors?

Unfortunately, only consumers with a tax exempt certificate or EIN are able to purchase parts.