Custom Barcode Labels

We are more than just a distributor for rubber industrial components.  Convenience and personalization are just two of the many value-added features that MBR Distributors is well known for, provided to each and every order for every customer. Complimentary and custom barcode labels are available for all products, including customized parts. Whether it is for one part or a hundred, we will tailor the barcode label/s to fit any necessary requirements and place them on the box/es for your ease.

Listed below are some examples of various requirements we can fulfill for the custom barcode labels.

  • Box Count (1 of 2, 2 of 2)
  • Box Quantity
  • Date
  • Part Number
  • Part Revision
  • Purchase Order (P.O.)      
  • Quantity
  • Ship to Location
  • Vendor Number

The custom barcode label feature allows customers to scan their inventory right from the receiving dock, reducing counting errors or delays.  Additionally, we offer barcode labels for each box, or a master label that will list the total quantity by part number.  For example – say we are shipping 10 boxes of 100 pieces each; we can create a custom label that will state 1000 pcs of P/N TBD.

Learn more about the personalized services we offer including engineering solutions, kitting, and vendor consolidation.