"Just-In-Time" Releases

Parts With Fast Shipping

At MBR Distributors we understand that time is significant.  Through our Just-In-Time (JIT) program we aim to provide a quicker response time to our customers and aid in reducing flow times within the production system. Once a safety stock agreement or a blanket purchase order is established, we can ensure fast shipping for your parts by keeping the inventory on-hand. We can sufficiently meet your immediate production needs with the exact quantities!

Saving money is just as important and valuable as saving time.  By implementing the Just-In-Time program into your organization, you are preventing waste that would otherwise arise from the unnecessary storage of inventory. This unique streamlined system (JIT) minimizes the surplus of inventory along with production scrap, saving you long-term costs.

Why Go With Just-In-Time

Several wastes that your company can be incurring with the absence of the Just-In-Time system includes:

  • Waste of Over-Production
  • Waste of Waiting
  • Waste of Transportation
  • Underutilization of Employees
  • Waste of Inventory
  • Waste of Motion

Listed below is a summary of examples on how the JIT / Kanban system can benefit an organization:

  • Reduction in Inventory
  • Reduction in Labor Cost
  • Reduction in Space
  • Balanced
  • Synchronized
  • Simplified
  • Waste Free
  • Increase in Production
  • Quality Improvement
  • Rationalized

Please Note: The first release of the parts will still have an initial lead-time of 12-14 weeks.  The preliminary lead-time may be significantly reduced though if we have parts already in stock or in transit.  Please contact us directly to see if the part is in stock and if you would like to set-up a safety stock JIT agreement.