Vendor Consolidation

Is your company becoming overwhelmed by the volume of vendors it has to maintain a relationship with?  Is it becoming tougher to manage those vendor relationships? We have the perfect solution for your organization with our vendor consolidation service!  It is our goal to aid your organization in being as efficient as it could be.  We want to help you save more money while building solid relationships with the right vendors.

Vendor Management Services Include:

  • Research                            
  • Obtaining Pricing              
  • Identifying Capabilities    
  • Turnaround Times / Lead Time  
  • Looking into Quality of Work
  • Negotiating Contracts       
  • Managing Relationships   
  • Assigning Jobs
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Maintaining Inventory Levels based on Forecasting    

How It Works:

1.  Collaborate with MBR Distributors in identifying your company’s key objectives.

2.  Using the specific performance factors that have been established to compare and contrast all current vendors.

3.  Selecting and managing the right vendors for your organization.  Maintaining relationships with the key vendors (matching to the ideal performance characteristics) is what will ultimately enhance your company’s operational results.

4.  Monitoring performance to the chosen vendors.  We will constantly confirm that all contractual terms are being met, approve/disapprove changes and provide the necessary feedback.

5.  Relentlessly aim to improve the relationships with each vendor through effective communication, and reliability. 

6.  Consistently meeting your company’s goals, by continuously prompting vendors to meet the objectives.

7.  Establishing a strong relationship to each vendor and bringing more profitability to your company!

Interested in consolidating and effectively managing your vendors?  Please give us a call, and we can begin assessing your goals. (224) 283-5230